About Us

We are very happily married, successful, and deeply love our culture, heritage, and family. We believe in maximizing that ONE THING! We also believe that CRYPTO BOSSES RULE. We have a strong appreciation for beautiful homes, great landscaping, the water, traveling the world, the wisdom we gather from different cultures, fine cuisine, food tasting, great sushi with friends, stimulating conversations, a well-written book, a wide range of music, and the uniqueness of people. We are deeply curious and thoroughly enjoy solving problems and uncovering old and new truths. We embrace being authentic and growing in our own spiritual truth. We love balance and harmony, fulfilling dreams, stretching to accommodate the greatness we have discovered in ourselves, creating positive atmospheres, laughing richly, picking up new languages, helping the less fortunate, fitness, dancing, ballroom dancing, and the art of forgiving-including ourselves. We believe in MAKING LIFE COUNT! We are ALLERGIC TO OUR OWN EXCUSES and that of others. We don’t believe in just wanting something, but being a pitbull and MAKING IT HAPPEN! We are the co-captains of our own ship and the Masters of our own Destiny. We understand critically that “Our DESTINY is in our very next DECISION” so we attempt every day to choose wisely.